Installing cPanel/WHM on CentOS 6

cPanel is a linux based web hosting control panel with a graphical interface for managing web hosting accounts. In this guide we're using the latest CentOS 6.6 release with no additional software installed.

First lets update the initial system packages and install wget and perl, which is needed to complete the installation.

yum update -y
yum install perl -y
yum install wget -y

Now lets go ahead and make sure our hostname is a fully qualified domain name, if it's not, we'll get errors along the way. Type "hostname" in SSH to check your current hostname.
[[email protected] ~]# hostname
Our hostname is currently "" for this guide. This is a FQDM hostname and will work with cPanel. To change your hostname run the following command:

Now lets go ahead and install cPanel!

Lets download the cPanel/WHM installer script.

Lets run the installer script now.
sh latest
Now the installer will start and the rest of the install task is fully automated. This will download the required packages for cPanel and install them, so this may take some time, be patient!

Once the installation script is completed you can navigate to the cPanel/WHM login pages in your web browser. The default WHM port is 2087, cPanel is 2083. For this example we'll say our server IP is "", so we'll enter "" into our browser to access the WHM login page. Enter your server username and password, by default, if you're using the root user your username will be "root" and your password will be your root password.

You're done!